The Tax Factor

The Tax Factor

The Tax Factor, the practice of the year 2017, and awesome sponsor to the Eid Festival. The Tax Factor is a team of highly skilled professionals lead by the founder and CEO Bachir Zreika, who has over 20 years’ experience in the industry. Their one-stop solution for tax will make your life easier than ever, especially with their new introduction of The Tax Factor app. 

The Tax Factor helps over 3,000 clients building loyalty and relationships that last, by genuinely understanding their clients, and priding themselves on their core values, diversity and inclusion, community, respect and trust, open and honest communication, leadership, commitment and accountability and so much more this great company has to offer. 

Their motto ‘Think Beyond Tax’ represents the amazing values this company has to offer and will turn your uncertainties of anything to do with tax, into solutions. 

CEO Bachir Zrekia

Bachir Zreika

Bachir Zrekia, owner and CEO of The Tax Factor, has been working in the industry for 20 years, and that his business is not only a job but his passion. He states 

“The Tax Factor is a place where we do things to the best of our ability, with genuine care for our staff, business community and the community in general.  We are committed to looking after the communities within which we live and work…I am certain that we can look to the future with confidence.” 

Having such a hands-on CEO is rare in the industry, and truly shows the dedication and passion of CEO Bachir Zrekia. As a self-stated family man, he understands the importance of work and family balance and having financial stability, sustainability and security. All of the qualities of CEO Bachir Zrekia, and his hardworking staff translate into this wonderful business. 

The Tax Factor App

The Tax Factor recently launched their new app, The Tax Factor App, to create your tax process much less of a headache. Let’s look at some of the features: 

At the centre of the app is the scan function: scan all of your documents into the app, to keep track of taxable items and take photos of receipts and other taxable documents to not only keep them all in a safe place but request tax refunds from anywhere in Australia, simply with The Tax Factor App. 

Other features from the Tax Factor app you can take a picture of receipts, and other important documents, and categorise them with the amounts so track your income and expenses. You can also track kilometres travelled with the built-in log book, add important contacts to the address book and keep notes in the diary for later reconciliation. 

With The Tax Factor, you can make your taxes easy and manageable under the passionate leadership of The Tax Factor. Check out their website for more information regarding this fantastic buisness. 

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