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The Voice Behind The Website: Steve Dabliz

Since you’re here, I would love to share my story with you. Being able to share my struggles and successes is an honour, get to know the voice behind the website, Steve Dabliz. 

Early Life

Steve Dabliz Early Years

Born in Canterbury Hospital in Sydney, Australia on the 1st of June 1985, I started my journey in this beautiful country. My Parents came from Lebanon to Australia in 1975, and raised me from 1985 in Regents Park, Sydney. I went to Birrong Boys High School and unfortunately dropped out in year 10, but I didn’t stop growing. 

I was offered a scholarship to prestigious Sydney University to play rugby league but due to an injury, I wasn’t able to. Instead of giving up, I instead pursued and completed a business management degree at TAFE. 

While at TAFE I fell in love with a beautiful girl and was married by 19, and the following year we birthed our first child. Three years later we had our second child, and only a year after that our third. 

With three beautiful children and a wonderful wife, I devoted my life to Islam, thankful for the blessings already upon me. To show my devotion I travelled at the age of 24, to complete the Hajj Islamic Pilgrimage at Mecca. 

Current Life

It started with a Facebook page in 2014, where I started filming and producing funny shorts of Islamic reminders, and I became an internet sensation with over 200 million views. I decided to use my influence even further to spread my thoughts about health, the daily struggles of life and youth talks, to create an atmosphere of loving and awesome wisdom on a podcast on the radio station The Voice of Islam, 87.6 FM. I invited multiple local and international imams and artists to do influential chats on the podcast.

From that came awesome opportunities, such as being a lead actor in a short film produced by OnePath network filmed in Australia called Last Chance. It had a widespread audience and appeared in cinemas Australia wide and overseas. I then became a host and actor on the OnePath Network Facebook channel with over 3 million followers since 2014, and I still am! 

Being able to follow my dreams and own a successful pressure cleaning business (MR Blast) Since 2011 has been incredible. 


Being honoured with some awesome achievements throughout my life, I can’t wait to do more and use my influence for wisdom and goodness. Some of the highlights of the last couple of years include:

  • Winning two Australian Muslim Achievement awards, such as the People Choice Awards, and the Social Media Award. 
  • Winning a charity fight in Melbourne in 2016 raising 50 thousand dollars for Syrian Orphans. 
  • Being an MC and auctioneer in multiple Islamic charity events, raising eight million dollars collectively. 
  • Travelled to Bangladesh in 2017 for humanitarian aid for the Rohingya Refugees.
  • Volunteering as a trainer at Junior Rugby League Coaching from 2015

Earlier this year I hosted Khabib Nurmagomedov, UFC World Champion, at the Quay Centre in Homebush in January for his Australia tour, as well as I have hosted international guests such as Khalid Sadiqque (singer), Omar ESA (singer), Mufti Ismail Menk (top 500 most influential men) and Omar Regan (American Actor) in Australia to showcase and appreciate their voices. 

Being part of such amazing opportunities is a blessing, and being able to host such amazing influential people to spread their voices is unbelievable. Being able to be a part owner of the biggest Islamic festival, the EID festival in Sydney has been an awesome opportunity to give back to the community in which I grew up. 

I hope I provided some more insight into the voice behind the website of, I can’t wait to create more opportunities and achievements in the future. 

Thank you for all your continued support, 
Steve Dabliz

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