Mufti Menk Testimonial

Steve Dabliz & Mufti Menk address the Guest

Mufti Menk was our headlining guest this year at the Sydney Eid Festival. If you came along to hear him speak, or simply enjoy the festival, here is Mufti Menk’s recap and experience at Sydney Eid Festival 2019.

Mufti Menk

The Sydney International Eid Festival was beyond my expectations! Maa shaa Allah Tabarakallah.

When Steve contacted me inviting me to spend Eid in Sydney, I agreed immediately. This is because I know him to do things professionally. When he gets hold of a project, he gives it his full. I also know him to be a person concerned about the welfare of community & youth in particular.

Steve is always enthusiastic, hopeful, jovial and caring. He promised me that he was working with the best team and that they would deliver the finest Eid Festival by the help of the Almighty.

I noticed the care with which the whole event was managed. Alhamdulillah. Every suggestion is considered seriously and all respectful constructive criticism is welcome with every fine detail looked into.

What is really exciting is the vast potential for further growth of this Festival. With the plan that Steve and Ahmad have, I’m sure it will be a magnificent international event attended by people from across the globe. InshaAllah.

I’m very happy to hear of the launch of and I wish him all the best. I’m certain his expertise coupled with his sincerity will guide him by the will & help of the Almighty, to achieving the greatest success. Aameen

I’m looking forward to seeing the growth of the Eid Festival to ten times its size in the near future.

All the best!

Mufti Menk

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