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Young NSW - Steve Dabliz

After a three and a half-hour drive to Young NSW, I stepped out beneath the beautiful Mosque of Young to give a talk to the incredible Muslim community of Young, NSW. Young has a rich history of world-famous cherry farms and was generally a quiet town, but now the population is booming because more than three hundred and fifty Muslim families have made the transition from Sydney to Young NSW, and has been welcomed with open arms from the Australian community. 

Young NSW has a beautiful multicultural community, where everything is locally produced. Architects, farmers, builders are sought after from the locals of Young, instead of Sydney, creating a thriving multicultural environment.

The Young Mosque was established in 1994 and is catering to the growing community of Muslims, and was one of the many establishments to open their Mosque to the public to pay their respects to the victims of Christchurch. 

This beautiful town became the ideal choice for my talk to the Muslim community. Myself and Young Police came to educate everyone about the ice epidemic, unfortunately, happening in rural towns of NSW like Young, and the importance of having good friends, respecting and upholding the law of the land, and respecting your parents. No matter how far you have to travel, even one person hearing the message is doing a good job. 

The Hume Police District expressed their gratitude on Facebook for being part of this great event:

“Young Police would like to thank the community at the Young Mosque for the invitation to attend a screening tonight of “Last Chance”, a movie about making the right choices in life, avoiding crime and bad decisions. Young men are most at risk for several safety categories. The many young men in attendance tonight have received a positive message and have great role models. It was also great to have the star of the movie travel down from Sydney to speak to the young men and reinforce the movie’s message. Thanks for your usual hospitality and welcome and the opportunity to speak to the young men who attended.”

Although the night wasn’t all serious talks, there were plenty of laughs and fun such as playing the movie Last Chance which showed the breaking of stereotypical views of religious Muslims and giving a moral message to the youth and warning them of drugs and gangs activities. 

After the screening of Last Chance, there was plenty of time to mingle across the community, enjoy BBQ, and play handball with the kids! As well as meet inspector Jacob Reeves of NSW Police and the main organizer of the event Ahmad Hraichie, an NSW Police Liasion officer and dedicated member of Young Mosque. 

It was an honour to attend this beautiful event, and we hope to have many more in the future to spread awareness and love throughout the community. 

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