MATW-Project: Success


I have never seen a charity organisation quite like MATW Project.

I knew their founder, a friend and a brother named Ali Banat. After his diagnosis with cancer, he sold his possessions and started to help orphans, widows, and the poor. After his passing last year, it’s been touching to see the community pull together to keep his project alive and it’s growing!

At the Eid festival, they built a replica of their African village project to give people a tangible way to interact with their work. They brought in furniture from their orphanages, water wells, and have plenty of audiovisuals to tantalise the stall visitors.

It almost felt like you really were in Africa and could see and touch the surroundings – and see all the smiles this work brings.

I wonder how many lives this project has saved in the short years it’s been around. This charity will always be close to my heart – a constant reminder of my dear departed brother Ali. MATW Project is completely unique in the charity space – with such a touching story.

A man found out he was dying and hurried to prepare himself to meet his maker. I think that’s why people want MATW Project to succeed… because we are all trying to prepare for that meeting with our creator, and Ali and his project are a constant reminder of that sobering fact.

Because of this – We decided to pledge $5 from every ticket sold to MATW project. I want my brother Ali to arrive on the day of judgement and see mountains of rewards, and to know at that moment, that he’s safe.

We miss you Ali. May Allah give MATW Project the highest levels of success.

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