Tenfold: A Guaranteed Promise!

tenfold a guaranteed promise

Tenfold is a charity setting the new milestones that charities everywhere should be aiming towards. For 10 years now they have been shaking up the model of charities by introducing religion differently than door knocking or paper wasting pamphlets. Mohammad Quadan, founder and CEO of Tenfold, has achieved a charity that gives opportunities for communities to learn and provide channels for people to give. We had the fantastic opportunity to hear about Tenfold directly from the founder Mohammad. 

In 2009 Tenfold started their first project. While visiting Mosques in Oman, Quadan saw the importance of having a strategy in place for charity. With a background in marketing, community development and humanitarian aid, he knew those pamphlets were going to waste, and decided to do things differently. 

Quadan developed the prayer pack over 5 months, and filming videos to go with them that amassed over 8 million views in the first year. The prayer pack – called “My Prayer” consists of a prayer mat, with step by step illustrations guiding the individual through the prayers. Speed up to today the prayer pack has been distributed 170,019 prayer packs (and counting!) in 38 countries and 7 different languages. They have also been invited to many different countries and collaborated with Mosques in Turkey, Oman and Malaysia, with an exciting product launching in October of this year in Oman and Malaysia. 

Quadan’s dedication has taken this charity from the ground to serving international Muslim communities. With the prayer pack being the first product, I asked him why make this innovative product? To which he responded, “Many people are converted to the Islamic faith and then left with no guidance…we didn’t want them to feel on their own.” He went on to exclaim that many of us with privileged lives forget that people in third world countries do not have internet, hence why the prayer pack has gained incredible success. Tenfold has also partnered with programs to distribute these packs into jails and Nation of Islam, and their reach is not going to slow down any time soon. 

The prayer pack is only the beginning for this incredible charity, they have recently launched “My Belief” packs, which include step-by-step instructions to learn how to pray, a personal Qur’an with bonus learning resources and a personal 75-day journal to track your progress. Another exciting upcoming product is “Praise”, a coffee table book given as a souvenir to tourists to open their hearts to Islam. Tenfold also recently announced their future launch of their children’s product line, to be released in November of 2019. 

If physical products are not your thing, there are still many ways to get involved, such as the Tenfold Academy. The Tenfold Academy is introducing short courses, developing apps and video content for you to enjoy and learn. 

Get Involved:

If you’re as excited as us about the inspiring campaigns and an incredible message being distributed rapidly and internationally, here’s how to get involved: 

Sponsor packs:

By either purchasing packs for yourself, you’ll automatically be sponsoring a pack for someone in need, or you can directly sponsor packs of your choice to be distributed internationally to those in need, such as third world countries. Find out about their packs here.

Donate to a campaign:

Tenfold are always running fantastic campaigns, such as Woman’s Prayer, a campaign aiming to teach Muslim women how to pray with the gift of guided prayer packs, in countries such as Togo, Burkina Faso, Benin. Find out more about their campaigns here.

Tenfold is an incredible charity, make sure to get involved or at least keep updated with their fantastic work all over the world. Follow them on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook for all the latest details! 

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