The Evil of Smoking

A man holding a cigerette

An addiction to poison seems strange at first, but when you consider that 1 billion people, 20% of the population are addicted to smoking, it baffles us even more. The dangers of smoking are everywhere, on packaging, ads, tv shows, yet people still do it? Why? Because it is an addiction. The evil consequence of smoking stretches further than just 8 million deaths a year (WHO Organisation). An example is this passage: 

A smoker was on his deathbed, and his brother came to him and urged him to utter the two testimonies of faith before dying, but the smoker said: “My dear brother! I feel like someone is holding my tongue whenever I try to utter them, and I hear a voice, saying: ‘I will not permit you to utter this because you used to harm me with your smoke.’”

Smoking affects more than just our health. It consumes our money, our body, and our friends and family, who have to suffer to watch the decay on the outside. 

Recent studies and researches have proved that smoking is extremely dangerous to the human body; it causes various types of cancer, lung infections, and asthma. In Australia twelve thousand and seven hundred cases of lung cancer were diagnosed in 2018, which occur as a direct result of smoking; out of this number, almost nine thousand have died according to Cancer Australia.

Smoking has a very detrimental effect on the nervous system, which results in the following:

· Nervousness and inability to sleep.

· Weakness in the nervous system, which can develop, for heavy smokers, to become paralysed

· Becoming hot-tempered

· Weakness in memory

· Weakness in smell and taste

· Weakness of eyesight

Smoking also has a very detrimental effect on the heart; it can increase the heartbeat rate by fifteen beats a minute while a person is smoking; it also results in strokes and can cause sudden death. Smoking disturbs the circulation of the blood and can cause a person to become paralysed; it also raises blood pressure and causes infections in the major veins of the heart.

Smoking also results in loss of appetite and disturbances in the digestive system; it also causes severe constipation. Additionally, it causes general losses of energy, stomach ulcers and the shrivelling of the smoker’s kidney.

Knowing all of this information? Why do people still smoke? It is not obvious to us, but we can only help guide them in the right direction. Here are some quotes to guide yourself or friends and family in the right direction. To remind them that evil lies within smoking. No one doubts that it is (smoking) one of the Khabaa’ith (i.e., any evil or harmful act) and Allah forbids all types of Khabaa’ith when He Says (what means):

“…And (the Prophet ) makes lawful for them the good things and prohibits for them the evil…” [Quran 7: 157]

The Prophet  said: “He who consumes poison and thereby kills himself, will have that poison in his hand in Hell, and will consume it therein eternally.” [Al-Bukhari]

Smoking harms others, while Allah Says in the Chapter Al-Ahzaab:

“And those who harm believing men and believing women for [something] other than what they have earned [i.e., deserved] have certainly born upon themselves a slander and manifest sin.” [Quran 33: 58]

Unfortunately, smoking seems to only rise in popularity, but mentioning these phrases and guiding friends and family in the right direction will create good deeds for yourself and help impact them to give up the evil of smoking and help others to do the same. Smoking is addictive cancer for your spirit and your body, do not succumb to its evil. 

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