Bad Language: Bad Character

Bad Man

Swearing and using obscene language has been around for a long time, from Shakespeare’s creative slurs to today’s regular curses have become, unfortunately, ingrained in our culture. Using bad language to convey ourselves becomes a destructive habit, and has become entangled with youth culture because of the pressure to be cool, and the influence of media such as tv shows and influencers who regularly practice this ugly language. 

Cursing and using foul language is not the only way to practice this destructive habit, we can unknowingly use it in our everyday lives in the form of sarcasm, trading jokes or witty ‘put-downs’ which is another form of bad language. 

Although this may seem outdated as everyone now swears and uses this destructive language, it can be detrimental for our soul to be using this lingo. Whether in rebellion or habit, it is never too late to change your manner of speech or action to be constructive and honourable. 

Abdullaah ibn ‘Amr, may Allah be pleased with him, mentioned that the Prophet was neither a Faahish nor a Mutafahish (person who uses bad language). He also narrated that the Prophet said:

The best amongst you are those who have the best manners and character.”

Sahih al-Bukhari

Using vulgar language for anyone is evidence of bad character, but especially for those of Muslim faith. because in doing so, they are deliberately choosing to go against the example and injunctions of the Prophet. If you hear bad language or use it yourself and in turn belittle or ignore the destruction of that language, you are sinning. 

We can always change our habits for the better, and by starting today you will influence others to do the same. By creating a good character you will have a happier and more successful life, and be free of the influence of destructive habits such as bad language.

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