Amazing brothers back on their bikes for CHARITY!

Sydney Muslim Cysclist

$10,000 Goal To Aid The Poor Of Lebanon

COVID-19 has affected all of us to varying degrees – whether you or anyone you know personally has actually contracted the virus or not.

You may have lost employment, been stopped from visiting relatives, prevented from going to the masjid, or from attending a wedding or a funeral….these are just a handful of the many ways that the Coronavirus has impacted upon us throughout 2020.

Charity fundraisers have also been affected, with many charities being forced to cancel major events owing to the measures that the Government had to put in place especially during the months when COVID-19 was really running rampant here in Sydney.

Some organisations have been in a position to transition actual large group charity events to online platforms but one body which effectively has been unable to do this due to the nature of how they raise funds is the Sydney Muslim Cyclists (SMC).

This remarkable club, which will celebrate its sixth birthday early next year, has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to assist some wonderful causes since 2015.

But since COVID-19 hit, their bikes have been ‘off the road’ quite literally, or at least in terms of riding as a team for fundraising.

“Our most recent fundraiser was the Sydney to Wollongong event back in March which we were able to complete just days before the full force of COVID restrictions hit,” SMC’s president and driving force Dr Tarek Sari explained.

Sydney Muslim Cyclists
Around 30 team members took part in the Sydney Muslim Cyclists’ ride from Sydney to Wollongong back in March.

“So I guess it’s fitting that our first fundraiser since we began cycling again as a group will take us on the same route, commencing from the Lakemba Mosque after morning prayers and finishing at Stuart Park, Wollongong next Sunday November 22.

“As was the case last time, we will take the most scenic and picturesque route, as after we leave Sydney, we will cycle down to Stanwell Park and then across the magnificent Sea Cliff Bridge, taking in its breathtaking Pacific Ocean views. 

“Our last ride was to benefit the Syrian orphans and refugees but this time we are focusing on raising much needed funds for those going through poverty in Lebanon.”

The big event will be held next Sunday, November 22, and if you are in a position to assist, we ask you to click on the following link: /

Human Appeal Australia is SMC’s major sponsor and all donations are processed through their online platform as the above link indicates.

“Human Appeal Australia has been a trustworthy and reliable relief organisation for over 25 years, helping the needy here in Australia and in various trouble spots throughout the world,” Tarek said.

“All donations exceeding $2.00 are tax deductible, and you know that when you place a donation through Human Appeal Australia, that the money you are donating is going to those who need it most.”

As I mentioned earlier, SMC has done a massive job over the past five or six years to raise funds for worthy causes all over the world and if you read my previous article on this website from March this year headed “Amazing Charity On Their Bike For A Good Cause” you will see just what an incredible group of good, humble men they are – and the great work they do – all for the sake of Allah SWT.

Please give generously and remember that no donation is too big or too small

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