To say the least, the situation with regard to Palestine, and specifically the systematic attacks on the Al Aqsa mosque this time every Ramadan, is sad, disturbing and frustrating for all Muslims. 

Here in Australia, we watch on from the safety of our homes, some 14 thousand kilometres away, mainly on our computer screens (as most of it is hidden from television) as these bombings take place. 

But while the Israel Defence Force targets Al Aqsa principally during Ramadan, the Government-sanctioned tyranny by the IDF upon the people of Palestine goes on unabated – day after day, year after year. 

Another Nakba Day will be commemorated on May 15 – unbelievably, 74 years to the day since Israel first entered Palestine by force and the relentless murder, torture, displacement and other forms of humiliation of thousands and thousands of innocent Palestinian men, women and children commenced. 

Name any other conflict in modern history that has lasted this long – and I guess conflict is the wrong word as only one of the sides has been aggressive? 

Name another conflict (?) where the United Nations and the supposed leaders of the free world, the USA, have sat on their hands for so long without getting actively “involved” to assist those oppressed? 

Yes, it’s frustrating – because we are so far away and nothing we can do will help, right? 


There is a lot we can do…..and it’s up to all of us! 

I heard the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) say, “Whosoever of you sees an evil, let him change it with his hand; and if he is not able to do so, then [let him change it] with his tongue; and if he is not able to do so, then with his heart — and that is the weakest of faith.” [Muslim] 

Israeli forces crackdown on Palestinian worshippers at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque after the morning prayer on 22 April 2022. (AFP)

It’s easy to point our collective fingers at our community leaders for their perceived lack of action. That they should be doing more. 

Every time a major issue emerges involving our community, we are quick to blame our leaders for their supposed silence, their inaction or slow response. 

Some of this condemnation may be valid but I have to say that the flurry of criticism over recent days on social media mainly aimed at ANIC (the Australian National Imams Council) – having done some investigation of my own – does appear to be somewhat over the top. 

It’s easy for you and I to be all gung ho – we can just jump behind our keyboards and start typing away, without having to fear any consequences. 

But for organisations like ANIC, it isn’t always that easy – and for them to be publicly hammering government bodies over one matter at the same time they’re privately and delicately negotiating with them over other issues isn’t always the best strategy. 

But back to Palestine and we recently heard the announcement that if elected, an Anthony Albanese-led Labor government would recognise Palestine“. 

At least it’s a start – and it’s in stark contrast to the current government’s attitude. 

Indeed, Prime Minister Scott Morrison was at his very worst just last Thursday when he Tweeted the following:“A warm (phone) call from Israeli PM Bennett thanking our Government for our strong & consistent support of Israel & our decision to declare Hamas in its entirety a terrorist group, keeping both our peoples safe. Australia will always stand in support of freedom & the people of Israel.” 

The federal election is just a month away and while it’s not my place to tell you how to vote, I would respectfully urge that you look at the humanitarian record of both major parties.

So in terms of Palestine, that’s one thing you can do to help. 

You can also donate to charities which support Palestine…. go to rallies ( An Emergency Rally for Palestine was held at Bankstown on Saturday)….post on social media….and write – and keep writing – to your local members, both state and federal.

Every little bit helps in terms of financial support and raising awareness, so please remember that.

But above all, I remind everyone reading this, of the importance of Prayer: to never underestimate the significance of our Dua

Voting, protesting, writing and donating are all tangible actions which empower us, make us proactive and make us feel good.

But we all know deep in our hearts as good Muslims that nothing is more important than prayer. 

In the Surah Ghafir, He says: “And your Lord says, Make Dua before Me, I will accept for you. Verily those who disdain My worship will enter the hellfire contemptible.” (40:60). 

This is telling us, never to be afraid to ask for the help and guidance of Allah swt – whether we are facing problems in our own lives or are praying for the oppressed – in this case, Palestine. 

Another Hadith tells us that prayer possesses the unique ability to change destiny (Tirmidhi) and indeed, all of the Prophets (pbuh), as we know from the Qur’an, found prayer to be their ultimate weapon when asking for the help of Allah swt in their efforts to reform hostile nations when all other means were unsuccessful.  

So please keep the people of Palestine in your prayers, each and every day, every time you pray and hopefully through the grace and mercy of Allah swt, this 74 years of harsh, cruel, relentless and merciless tyranny by the oppressors of Israel will soon come to an end. In’Sha’ALLAH. 

May Allah swt bless and protect the people of beautiful Palestine and may He reward all those whose efforts to help them are genuinely from the heart. 


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