Save energy: Opal Solar


Known as Australia’s favourite solar panels, Opal Solar came in hot sponsoring the Eid Sydney Festival. These premium solar panels soak up the sun all year round, providing eco-friendly energy to power your house or business.

Opal Solar has premium products made by a Tier 1 manufacturer on the basis of the local support, independent quality control, independent factory acceptance testing and technical support in Australia. Talk about getting bang for your buck.

Opal Solar, so far, has three amazing energy saving solutions. Opal Storage is its advanced Battery Energy Storage System (BESS+).

The Opal Storage system is specifically designed for their customer’s needs. you could be saving up to $2300 dollars annually switching to Opal Storage. “

Opal Switch is for smaller residential users, and It is a complete package that is small, lightweight with a maximum performance efficiency of 97.6%. And Opal Solar, which named after the brand is their Tier 1 Solar Panel, great for energy and eco-efficiency in the home.

Solar solutions are super popular among new homes. By installing solar solutions in your home especially with Opal Solar who pride themselves on premium products, will give you the highest grade energy, which is also environmentally friendly, by using the sun as a renewable resource and reducing your energy bills at the same time. Say goodbye to dreading your heating bill, and guilt from polluting the environment with one solution. With upwards of 5-year warranties on every product. With Opal Solar, you can sit back and relax in your home.

You can easily manage every single one of their products in your home with Opal View, a smartphone and web app that automatically monitors your Opal Solar product and provides you with updated performance reports, data analyses and reports irregularities at any time. Each home is different and it’s important to get the right solution for you, visiting their website and contacting their amazing customer service team will point you in the right direction for your home.

Opal Solar was a fantastic sponsor at Eid Sydney Festival. Sporting their very own stall and donating money to supporting The Eid Sydney Festival. I highly recommend these products for any house that can support them. Saving the environment never looked better than Opal Solar.

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