Offended Millions: Kyle and Jackie O

It’s hard to put into words the outrage and distress I am feeling right now.

“Kyle hasn’t just insulted close to four billion Christians and Muslims worldwide, but far more importantly, he has mocked and denigrated the Blessed Virgin Mary – the greatest woman in history and somebody I would never have dreamt could be insulted in this manner.

“I think a lot of people are still in a state of shock and disbelief… I know I am.

“It’s a changing world and I keep hearing the phrase that ‘people are entitled to express their opinion’, but Kyle showed last Thursday just how cheap words are when he launched this vile tirade.

“It’s an unprecedented outburst which has certainly drawn the Muslim and Christian communities together and we await some positive action from Kyle’s employers.

“This kind of behaviour is disgusting, it’s unacceptable and surely cannot go unpunished.”

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