Maryam Mounajed: Chef it up

Maryam and Mat Preston

Maryam Mounajed is an outstanding figure in the community, from creating awesome recipe videos on her Instagram, which has amassed over 11k followers to co-owning Halal Bubs, a baby food business based on Halal ingredients. 

Maryam shows what a successful working mother can do, and are shown in her businesses. Halal Bubs has been wildly successful, filling a gap for Muslim mothers wanting to feed their children quality Halal food, and the demand was enormous. Sisters Sarah and Maryam Mounajed came together and created this fantastic business to make life easier for anyone wanting to feed their children quality Halal food. The business is now expanding to international shores!

Maryam Mounjed Chefitup - Recipes, Ramadan

Not only does Maryam run one successful business, but she is also highly engaged with her Instagram chef it up, amassing over 11 thousand followers, and has step by step videos on yummy and nutritious recipes, plus she adds lots of photos of her latest creation to drool over in your insta feed!

Maryam has worked as a chef in top restaurants in Australia, such as Matt Moran’s Aria at the Sydney Oprea House, and has always been a working woman. She is an inspiration to many in the community, especially Muslim women, as a successful mother, businesswoman and incredible chef. She truly wants to inspire people:

“I think it’s a really great example to women even in our own community, that you can become something, doesn’t matter if you have kids the opportunity is there. You just need to chase it.” (SBS). 

Maryam will be joining us here every fortnight to provide you with new and tasty recipes. Make sure to check it out!

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