Low Cost Housing: Still time!


One of Eid Festival’s amazing sponsors were Low-Cost Housing Group. Their aim? Provide interest-free, and affordable houses for those who do not want to get into the business of taking out of a mortgage.

Unfortunately, in Australia, the housing prices, especially in cities, has become unreachable to own their own home, something everyone should be entitled to. LCH Group believes by delivering a low-cost housing platform, the community will now have the opportunity to realise their aspirations and fulfil their dream of owning their own home through a feasible pathway. 

Ahmad Quesada, Waseem Ghulam, and Sayed Azam had a vision that everyone will be able own their own home.

They believed simple living is key to a healthy and satisfying lifestyle. By providing their low-cost housing plans, people could do just that. No strings, just simple and beautiful living. 

The people behind the project are as incredible as their business:

Ahmad has over 30 years’ experience in civil & construction engineering. He began his career in the Philippines as a research engineer working with precast, house and land developments. He further progressed to Libya and worked under the Secretary of Communication as a supervisor for development of roads and bridges.

Finally, he arrived in Sydney and was employed as a Civil Engineer at Canterbury City Council then shifted into the private sector where he gained valuable experience in the surveying and steel industry. Various projects include high-rise buildings across Sydney and Wollongong including the Sydney Kingsfordsmith International Airport and the Sydney Olympics Dome.

Waseem and Azam are passionate aspiring entrepreneurs who had their own successful businesses within IT and were looking for an entry into the real estate market. When they met Ahmad, these like-minded individuals partnered up and invested over three years of research and development into getting the business structure aligned to servicing our customers; Low-Cost Housing was born as a result.

Many of their properties are lands, which could be bought on an interest-free basis, and is accessible for everyone. All that is required is an initial 40% deposit of land cost, and a full land payment within 2 years, with the development cost following for 2-4 years. 

It was an honour to have LCH Group sponsoring the Eid festival with such a selfless and grand vision to turn around families who never felt like they could own their own home, which is now possible thanks to them. Check out their projects at lowcosthousing.net.au to see if they would be right for you!

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