YFC: 13-17 Olds Thriving At Great New Centre

YFC Youth Fitness Centre


Statistics show that teenagers – and especially boys – are at their most impressionable and their most vulnerable in the ages between 13 and 17. 

It’s during those years that teenagers begin to mature and, in the correct environment, learn to unlock their full potential and thrive. This is the vision behind a new youth centre which opened its doors in 2020 to the local community of Chester Hill. 

YFC – Youth Fitness Centre – is a privately funded, non-for-profit youth centre run by a group of friends who wanted to give back to the community and is inclusive of all races and religions. 

The centre operates as a gym for combat sports and adult fitness programs – including boxing, kick-boxing and high intensity interval training. 

Helping our kids to get fit and teaching them how to defend themselves is just one area of the YFC team’s expertise, as they see mentoring these young lives and helping them excel is an infinitely more important goal.

Rami Wahab is a co-founder of YFC and last week showed us around the Centre’s thriving Chester Hill base.

“The six brothers involved in getting the YFC off the ground are all of similar mindsets,” Rami said.


“We are all very community-minded and we are all deeply concerned that so many young people from our area are not living up to their full potential and contributing their absolute best to our community and society.

“The aim of the YFC is to grab the focus of kids, especially in the really vulnerable and impressionable age group from 13 to 17 and to become positive influences on their lives.

“With our experience and life skills, we believe we can have a positive impact on young teenagers so that their lives remain on the right path.

“A great way to engage with kids in this age group is through combat sports like boxing and kickboxing whilst at the same time, we are passing on manners, ethics and discipline – as well as having fun!”

In addition to the classes for combat sports and fitness, YFC also hosts outings and excursions.

“We took a group of 20 boys from our Beginners’ class to the most recent Paul Gallen fight and just last week 60 of us travelled by bus to do some hiking and swimming at Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains,” Rami concluded.



Mohamed Hoblos, who coincidentally happened to drop in to the complex during the time of our visit to Chester Hill, was eager to praise the initiative that is the Youth Fitness Centre.

“YFC is a great initiative which has my full support as it was founded by a group of brothers who could see the problems teenagers are facing in our community and they are now doing something about it,” Br Hoblos said enthusiastically.

“The men involved in the board of YFC are some of the best brothers in the community, whom I’ve known for a long time.

“ YFC gives our kids the great opportunity to learn how to apply their Islamic values both inside of and away from the masjid.

“ YFC also provides a fantastic vehicle to get a strong message across to our younger generation, who let’s face it, are up against challenges that didn’t exist 20 or 30 years ago when we were their age.

“This is a terrific platform and I congratulate the brothers involved on their foresight and proactiveness.”


YFC first hiking trip to Wentworth Falls

YFC is located at Unit 7, 115-117 Orchard Rd, Chester Hill. 

For more information about their programs and to get in touch, please visit them at @youth_fitness_centre on Instagram. 

* Congratulations to the six brothers on their wonderful initiative in starting up YFC last year. 

Some of them I’ve known for most of my life and I fully endorse the remarks of my dear, esteemed friend and OnePath Network colleague Br Hoblos that they among the best men in the community. 

The following video of YFCs recent trip to the Blue Mountains – which features Br Hoblos – is just one of many examples of the great initiatives that the Team is coming up with on a regular basis. 

Full marks to them. 

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