BIG News Coming Ahead!

Big News Ahead

No, we haven’t forgotten you!!

Since this website began almost 12 months ago, we have done our best to provide you with regular, quality information.

We have in the main been able to post a brand new feature story each and every week, interviewing high profile members of our community, posting ‘cover stories’ on well known organisations and also touching on issues which affect us in our daily lives.

We had planned to post our weekly story this weekend, focusing on a wonderful organisation which does an inspirational job in spreading the word of Islam and also raising much-needed funds for those in need.

The story we had planned to post would have been massive, but we have decided to delay posting it for a few days as the organisation we’re writing about is going to make a huge announcement midway through the coming week.

And after speaking with their CEO, we are only too pleased to wait until after they release their news, and we can then include some of the details with our story.

So please WATCH THIS SPACE in coming days, as this is very big and very GOOD news which should excite all followers of our beautiful religion of Islam.

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