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New Victorian Bill An Affront To Parents Rights

A controversial new Bill has recently been passed through the Lower House in Victoria’s state Parliament which should be of concern to all parents.

And it only requires ‘the numbers’ in the Upper House next month to become rubber-stamped as a law.

According to a release issued by the Board Of Imams of Victoria, The Change Of Suppression (Conversion) Practices, Prohibition Bill will take away the right to religious freedom on issues of sexuality and gender identity.

The Bill will make it a criminal act for anyone – including a relative or teacher or a sheikh – to provide advice (Nasiha) to same sex attracted persons to abstain from having sex with people of their same gender.

Of course, this Bill, if it becomes law in Victoria, will have huge ramifications for Muslims.

It will mean that parents and other family members, sheikhs, teachers at Islamic schools and other educational facilities (including online) will come under extreme scrutiny and face detailed investigation, heavy fines and even gaol time for what we as Islams know to be ‘doing the right thing’.

That is, providing advice and guidance to same sex attracted Muslims that Islamically, acting on same sex attraction is a sin which needs to be avoided.

The new Bill, if it becomes law, will also make it a criminal act to provide counsel or direct advice to those experiencing gender dysphoria (boys who believe they are really girls – and girls who believe they are really boys) that they must adhere to traditional Islamic norms

Harmless conversations on these subjects between concerned and caring parents and their children will be deemed acts of “family violence” if the parent fails to recognise their child as being “gay” or “transgender”.

While the Bill if passed will only become law in Victoria, it will also be a criminal offence for Victorians to guide or refer same sex or gender dysphoric individuals to people (or websites) based outside of the state who promote Islamic values in these matters. 

The Islamic Information and Services Network of Australasia (IISNA) has been outspoken in its criticism of the Bill.

Also known as MyCentre (Multicultural Youth Centre), IISNA regularly holds Islamic educational classes as well as larger lecture events bianually and has a lot of influence within the Muslim community.

So much so that in 2004, internationally renowned orator and preacher Dr Zakir Naik was a special guest of IISNA, who hosted a presentation by the amazing president and founder of the world’s largest Religious Satellite Channel Network, the Peace TV Network.

Samir Mohtadi, better known by his kunya Abu Hamza, has led the Broadmeadows-based IISNA since its formation.

A passionate speaker at his weekly talks at MyCentre  – which are all broadcast online on Paltalk, Abu Hamza did not hold back when expressing his views on the controversial Bill currently before the Victorian parliament.

The link to this video is attached to this article and I believe it is important that we all spare 10 minutes or so to  view this film clip as the Sheikh goes to great lengths to explain how the repercussions of such a law would impact so heavily not just on Muslims, but indeed all parents, teachers, imams, priests, rabbis, doctors and other mentors who have the right and the duty to educate young people.

There is little doubt that such a Bill becoming law even in one state initially will no doubt open the floodgates.

The onset and spread of COVID over the past year has already seen the Australian public forced to abrogate our rights on many fronts.

Some are understandable for safety reasons, but some are inexplicable and laced with hypocrisy.

For example, we currently have to wear our masks to pray in mosques here in Sydney, yet a stones’ throw away from my beautiful ‘home’ musallah in Regents Park, I will guarantee that as you read this, there are folks sitting around tables in the local pub, drinking alcohol, with no social distancing and no masks.

This is another example of how our rights are being stripped from us in front of our eyes.

Since when did any Government in our (now, supposedly) “one and free” nation of Australia have the right to threaten parents with a possible $10,000 fine and up to 10 years imprisonment for having a “harmless conversation” with their own son or daughter!!??

The world has surely gone mad, hasn’t it!!??

Commenting on this Bill, one of my social media followers wrote on Facebook last week: “month by month and step by step, they are gradually taking away our rights”….and he’s 100 percent correct, you know.

For while there will come a time when we will eventually be permitted to visit the masjid without wearing a mask, if this Bill becomes law, there will be no reversing it.

And like COVID-19, this state law could eventually become law in the rest of Australia – as there is no mask, no border closure or no vaccine which can prevent the spread of stupidity.

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