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Ibrahim Massri

Three Major Reasons I Admire My Friend ‘Ibby’  

A number of my recent articles have highlighted just some of the injustices in the world around us, from an Australian Muslim’s point of view. 

A sick brother being stranded overseas, a sister’s attacker being inadequately sentenced and a leader from another religion receiving preferential treatment.  

As most of you would be aware, negativity isn’t one of my usual character traits, but sometimes when the system is at fault, there is a need to highlight what’s gone wrong and Inshallah, that is what I have done my best to point out in the three stories just referenced.  

But there is certainly nothing negative about the brother I am introducing you to today!  

Positive, successful, considerate, generous and a wonderful family man are just some of the attributes that describe my good friend – and a friend to so many in our community – Ibrahim Massri.  

Ibrahim – or ‘Ibby’ to his family and many friends – is the founder and general manager of the thriving computer support and services company ICTechnology, which is based in Yagoona in Sydney’s south western suburbs.  

Believe me, what Ibby and his team don’t know about computer technology isn’t worth knowing and he has already achieved so much in his chosen field – and indeed, in his life – for a man who just last week celebrated his 40th birthday.  

“I have always had a keen interest in computer technology and after completing my HSC at Moorebank High School, I went on to study Computer Engineering at the University of Western Sydney,” Ibby said when I caught up with him recently.  

“I grew up in the East Hills/Panania area where my parents (Mahmoud and Hend) raised me with my two brothers.. 

“When I was about ten, we relocated to Casula where mum and dad still live in the family home but when I married (my darling wife of 18 years) Manal, we originally settled out of the area. 

“However, Manal and I were fortunate enough to be able to purchase the house next door to mum and dad’s about eight years ago and that’s where we have lived ever since with our three kids, Mahmoud (17), Hend (14) and Osama, who is 10. 

“I’m very blessed that my parents gave me a head start in life – and I was always free to pursue what I loved.  

“I’m very blessed that my parents gave me a head start in life – and I was always free to pursue what I loved.  

“Once I was married, my wife unconditionally supported my every move….as crazy as some of them were! 

“Without her unwavering commitment, there’s no way I would be where I am today. 


Ibby is very proud of the team he has assembled, working out of ICTechnology’s busy Rookwood Rd offices.  

Ibby and the ICTechnology team at the commencement of a Tough Mudda event. Ibby says that these courses are great for team building and as they are generally run over 16 kilometres (10 miles) or further through mud and obstacles, “Tough Mudder” is the perfect name for them!!

“ICTechnology is a company where we are ICT integration specialists and managed service providers,” he explained.  

“We do everything from end-to-end, starting up and setting up services and infrastructure, managing existing infrastructure and identifying where and how we can improve our clients’ businesses through technology.  

“The business has basically been my ‘baby’ for the past 16 years although I have had partners in it from time to time.  

“In that timeframe, I’d estimate that I have had around 300 clients and some of our best known customers currently include Unity Grammar College, Coco Republic (furniture), BINAH Projects, Euro Car Parts, Living Fresh and the NSW Government.  

“We support a number of charities, principally AusRelief (whom we also provide office and warehouse space to) and MATW Project. 

“Giving back is a core value to our business.”  

“Giving back is a core value to our business.”  


The quietly spoken and humble Ibrahim has travelled extensively, sometimes for leisure and recreational purposes but often to assist his fellow man through humanitarian projects.  

“In 2012 and 2013 during the war, I travelled to Syria, where we opened up a medical centre in Aleppo and I’ve also visited Cambodia with AusRelief.  

Ibby is a wonderful humanitarian and strong supporter of AusRelief, who have office and warehouse space at ICTechnology’s Yagoona headquarters.

“Other places I’ve travelled to include Makkah and Madinah, Turkey, Japan, Borneo, Vietnam, the Sultan of Oman, Dubai, Fiji, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Hong Kong and China.  

“My love of skiing has taken me to Japan and we were actually over there when COVID-19 first hit, but we were fortunate enough to fly back to Australia before the borders were closed, arriving in Sydney on January 30.  

“I am fascinated by Turkey and we were hoping to travel there again this year but of course those plans are now on hold for obvious reasons.   

“Aside from skiing, my other real passion is motor racing and I also visit the gym regularly.  

“And alhamdulillah for everything.”  


“But harking back to my work, I have to give a huge shout out to my entire team, who are the backbone of my business.  

“There are 14 of them in total and they all do a better job than me!  

“There’s no way I could do all these things like supporting charities and having AusRelief here and giving back in other ways without their support –  their dedication and their loyalty.  

“They are all incredible; Walid, Bill and Steve have all been here for over five years and the clients love them….my customers love my entire team actually and I hear nothing but praise from them about my team.  

“Looking to the future, I would like to see the business keep growing with the ultimate goal being that none of my team ever leaves….that they will all retire here and that they can all have what I have through the growth of the business.  

“Another of my aims is to always be well connected with charities – at an organisational level, not just making donations.  

“Another of my aims is to always be well connected with charities – at an organisational level, not just making donations.  

“I am a firm believer that education through charity is important….we should teach people how to fish, not just give them fish – that way, there will be an eventual exit plan for the person receiving the charity.”  

Ibby loves snow skiing and is pictured here at Perisher Valley with some of his work team and other mates.

As you would have no doubt already picked up on, Ibby is a man of huge faith and also a firm believer in loyalty and family values.  

“I am very proud of my very strong, extended family,” he says.  

“I am surrounded by many successful people in my family and the way we support each other helps drive us to further success.  

“I am surrounded by many successful people in my family and the way we support each other helps drive us to further success.  

“No matter what issue may arise in my life, I know that support is always there.”  


Ibrahim Massri is a man I am proud to call my friend and brother, and although we haven’t known one another all that long, this man is a gem and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have met him.  

“Brother Steve, I only met you for the first time at the 2019 Eid Festival through the great man Ahmad Merhi, so it’s only been 18 months or even a bit less,” Ibby pointed out to me.  

“But I have always admired you from afar, watching the great work you have done with the OnePath Network and the various charities and other worthwhile causes you have assisted over the years.  

“I believe we are both of the same mindset in that we both take supporting the community very seriously and it has been a blessing for me to have spent the quality time that we now share regularly.”  

As I indicated at the commencement of this article, Ibrahim Massri is a man of great positivity and inspiration.  

He is also a man I admire greatly and while it’s true that we were only introduced 18 months ago, I am sure that our friendship will be one which stands the test of time.  


Not long after I began preparing this story over the long weekend, news reached me that Ibrahim’s first cousin Moustafa Al-Massri had sadly passed away on the Sunday after a long and courageous battle with cancer.  

Moustafa was the proud father of four sons and our prayers and condolences go out to the Al-Massri and Qaasim families at this very sad time.  

Moustafa Al Massri
bby’s late cousin, Moustafa Al-Massri

May Allah grant him Jannah and give patience to his family.  

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