Unbelievable International Eid Festival CANCELLED….

International Eid festival Cancelled

International Eid Festival

It is with much regret but also with a sense of responsibility to the community that we have decided to cancel the much awaited 2020 International Eid Festival.

Since its inception, the International Eid Festival has continued to break records year after year and the organisers were confident that the 2020 offering, scheduled for June 6-8 at Woodward Park, Liverpool, would have continued that trend.

But with the current uncertainty throughout the wider community owing to the Coronavirus, we thought it best to make this early announcement that this year’s two day Festival will not proceed.

As you would be aware, the entire landscape with regard to public events throughout Australia has changed markedly over recent days, with the Federal Department of Health placing a limit which restricts organised outside gatherings to fewer than 500 people.

This move has seen the cancellation of such high profile sporting events as the Formula One Grand Prix in Melbourne, while from this weekend, all NRL games will be played in front of empty grandstands.

These restrictions are important as they will help to prevent the spread of the dreaded COVID-19, which claimed its sixth victim in Australia earlier today.

Even allowing for the fact that the International Eid Festival weekend is still almost three months away, it is an event which requires immense planning.

And this being the case, we thought it best, out of respect to all concerned – the sponsors, the stall-holders, the special guests, the public and also Liverpool City Council – that an early announcement be made concerning the fate of this year’s event.

Charity has been the huge beneficiary from the International Eid Festival over the years, and while it is regrettable that this year’s event cannot be held, it will allow us to focus upon making the 2021 International Eid Festival the best of all time.

As mentioned earlier, the cancellation is announced with regret, but the decision has been taken on the basis of helping to keep the community safe and healthy.

And if this decision prevents even one person from contracting this devastating illness, then the move will have been more than justified.

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